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(edit) @27147   5 years rambo remove shorthands, use full open tags
(edit) @27146   5 years rambo r27145 for trunk
(edit) @27145   5 years rambo remove shorthands, use full open tags
(edit) @27144   5 years rambo load legacy DM css files only on demand
(edit) @27143   5 years rambo convert legacy shorthands to use proper open tags
(edit) @27142   5 years rambo update person after login to avoid issues with connection being in …
(edit) @27141   5 years rambo only specify non-empty defaults
(edit) @27140   5 years rambo fix missed closing of a span-tag (fix by wirta)
(edit) @27139   5 years rambo getting rid of $this, see r27066
(edit) @27138   5 years rambo sort by correct property
(edit) @27137   5 years rambo these symlinks are not needed and they interfere with packaging
(edit) @27136   5 years rambo merge r27135
(edit) @27135   5 years rambo remove this hardcoded piece of misinformation
(edit) @27134   5 years rambo fix copy-paste issue
(edit) @27133   5 years rambo actually the change is potentially dangerous and so far I have no …
(edit) @27132   5 years rambo new script to recurse attachments too when force-approving topic-tree, …
(edit) @27131   5 years rambo use longer timeout for RSS fetch
(edit) @27130   5 years rambo merge r27129 to trunk
(edit) @27129   5 years rambo check cast result, restore original object id after cast
(edit) @27128   5 years rambo add support for chunked transfer-encoding (otherwise it will totally …
(edit) @27127   5 years rambo http 1.0 has no host header, snoopy actually uses 1.1, fixed some …
(edit) @27126   5 years rambo merge r27125
(edit) @27125   5 years rambo added a note about try/catch
(edit) @27124   5 years rambo removed the debug code, but now it is in history if needed sometime in …
(edit) @27123   5 years rambo my code to log topics that have no parent
(edit) @27122   5 years rambo remove old todo, fix a notice for purged objects
(edit) @27121   5 years rambo localizations for the link labels
(edit) @27120   5 years rambo somehow the event DBA class was missing this boilerplate
(edit) @27119   5 years rambo add the label methods, makes life easier in Asgard
(edit) @27118   5 years rambo forgot to declare the link class
(edit) @27117   5 years rambo invalidate caches after save here too
(edit) @27116   5 years rambo work around problem of new privileges not showing up when added
(edit) @27115   5 years rambo support event viewing by guid, view linked events by guid to avoid …
(edit) @27114   5 years rambo safety against name collisions local vs linked
(edit) @27113   5 years rambo add latest/total explanation text
(edit) @27112   5 years rambo oops, reversed logic
(edit) @27111   5 years rambo check for local event vs link object found before allowing edit
(edit) @27110   5 years rambo r27108 for calendar (allow only delete when the event is local etc, …
(edit) @27109   5 years rambo clea up whitespace
(edit) @27108   5 years rambo allow article editing only if it is in the current topic, allow …
(edit) @27107   5 years rambo support multiple organization ids
(edit) @27106   5 years rambo add the publication info if available, add some sami-semantic spans …
(edit) @27105   5 years rambo comment out ob:d var_dump that in some cases causes us to run out of memory
(edit) @27104   5 years rambo merge r27103 (svn merge -r 27102:27103 ../midcom_core_nonapcache/)
(edit) @27103   5 years rambo seems there was copy-paste leftover here
(edit) @27102   5 years rambo the check should also be negated…
(edit) @27101   5 years rambo how was this never caught, or has PHP become strict about the …
(edit) @27100   5 years rambo missing localizations
(edit) @27099   5 years rambo mark organization id as required field
(edit) @27098   5 years rambo finnish localizations
(edit) @27097   5 years rambo remove the debug outputs (ED, PY), add link to record
(edit) @27096   5 years rambo set PY constraint to index and latest handlers
(edit) @27095   5 years rambo clarified comments, helper to handle potentially multivalued fields …
(edit) @27094   5 years rambo basic features work
(edit) @27093   5 years rambo convert the source data to UTF-8 before decoding entities, explode …
(edit) @27092   5 years rambo basic result parsing works
(edit) @27091   5 years rambo mostly stub new component
(edit) @27090   5 years rambo localizations
(edit) @27089   5 years rambo forgot this sanity-check
(edit) @27088   5 years rambo we still need the topic too
(edit) @27087   5 years rambo fix typo, clarify variable name
(edit) @27086   5 years rambo oops, forgot to actually add the calls to this method
(edit) @27085   5 years rambo correct keys for the options array
(edit) @27084   5 years rambo refactoring to allow category filters applied from outside (used by …
(edit) @27083   5 years rambo add category filter selection to feed schema
(edit) @27082   5 years rambo use lambda function to get the context data and read the config, $this …
(edit) @27081   5 years rambo still tuning this…
(edit) @27080   5 years rambo refactor the additional constraints handling again since the previous …
(edit) @27079   5 years rambo fix copy-paste error, add check for empty url
(edit) @27078   5 years rambo fix component configuration loading
(edit) @27077   5 years rambo fix refactoring leftovers, part2
(edit) @27076   5 years rambo fix refactoring leftovers
(edit) @27075   5 years rambo only render link if we managed to resolve the permalink
(edit) @27074   5 years rambo remove old workarounds that actually cause bugs these days
(edit) @27073   5 years rambo handle the additional contraints aka "disallow aggregation" for feeds …
(edit) @27072   5 years rambo added a TODO
(edit) @27071   5 years rambo implement the additional constraints feature
(edit) @27070   6 years piotras Use static GParamSpec to get property name, instead of volatile …
(edit) @27069   6 years rambo merge the replication ACL/name check fix (svn merge -r 27067:27068 …
(edit) @27068   6 years rambo cast the unserialized object to the ACL-object (I wonder why this has …
(edit) @27067   6 years piotras Added 'ORDER BY' workaround for multilang&fallback queries.
(edit) @27066   6 years rambo using $this makes it impossible to extend this schema or load it …
(edit) @27065   6 years piotras id to guid mapping is language unaware
(edit) @27064   6 years rambo no longer used
(edit) @27063   6 years rambo not needed anymore
(edit) @27062   6 years rambo use full open tags (GRR!)
(edit) @27061   6 years rambo use full open tags (GRR!)
(edit) @27060   6 years rambo fix #1991
(edit) @27059   6 years rambo node is in tree if it is the root node, same goes for the full topic …
(edit) @27058   6 years rambo call time pass-by-referecne is deprecated and may have weird side effects
(edit) @27057   6 years rambo caal time pass-by-referecne is deprecated and may have weird side effects
(edit) @27056   6 years rambo revert r27051 and r27053, they seem to break the DM2 map widget
(edit) @27055   6 years rambo silence the deprecation warning
(edit) @27054   6 years rambo use same code for restoring "E_ALL" everywhere
(edit) @27053   6 years rambo use global variable scope
(edit) @27052   6 years rambo fix #1990
(edit) @27051   6 years rambo start map rendering when DOM is otherwise ready (if we have jQuery to …
(edit) @27050   6 years adrenalin Some Russian locales
(edit) @27049   6 years adrenalin Some Russian locales
(edit) @27048   6 years adrenalin Some Russian locales
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