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(edit) @26142   7 years piotras Copied r26141
(edit) @26132   7 years jval Make OBS to build suse packages: use libgda4
(edit) @26130   7 years jval Version bump, to 10.05.0
(edit) @26122   7 years bergie Remove duplicated midgard_language from schema
(edit) @26121   7 years bergie Use our own extended MgdSchema? for persons, refs #1809
(edit) @26120   7 years bergie Ratatoskr-MidCOM compatibility MgdSchemas?, refs #1223
(edit) @26108   7 years bergie Switch from syck to the YAML extension, fixes #1807
(edit) @26103   7 years bergie Some configuration for the WYSIWYG editor
(edit) @26102   7 years bergie Initial WYSIWYG editor with the Wymeditor jQuery plug-in
(edit) @26101   7 years bergie Make get_element public so it can be called externally
(edit) @26100   7 years bergie Rendering hints to MgdSchema? for midgardmvc_helper_forms processing
(edit) @26055   7 years bergie Fix error message
(edit) @26053   7 years bergie AppServer? safeties for templating cache
(edit) @26052   7 years bergie Remove the legacy "show vendor" element include
(edit) @26051   7 years bergie Enable other services to register callbacks for when a context is deleted
(edit) @26050   7 years piotras Suggest metapackage mysql-server
(edit) @26047   7 years piotras Fix libgda package names
(edit) @26045   7 years bergie AppServer? compatibility for template cache
(edit) @26043   7 years indeyets export cache-dir as env-var too
(edit) @26042   7 years piotras Added libgda4 dependency
(edit) @26039   7 years mdk Fixing the 'make install'.
(edit) @26038   7 years piotras Fix runtime directory
(edit) @26029   7 years piotras postinstall files for pake and appserver
(edit) @26028   7 years piotras installed via copy in rules file
(edit) @26027   7 years piotras Copy existing files
(edit) @26026   7 years piotras Version bump. 10.05.0
(edit) @26025   7 years piotras Updated for latest changes in core
(edit) @26024   7 years piotras Expect string instead of NULL values
(edit) @26023   7 years piotras By default set empty string for property of G_TYPE_STRING type
(edit) @26022   7 years indeyets include into OBS archive
(edit) @26021   7 years piotras Copy files to proper packages
(edit) @26020   7 years piotras Copy files to proper dirs
(edit) @26019   7 years indeyets require new version of pake
(edit) @26018   7 years indeyets always use the same set of components
(edit) @26017   7 years indeyets new packing scheme
(edit) @26016   7 years piotras Create separate mvc packages and pear ones: pake and appserver
(edit) @26015   7 years bergie Remove the Dasboard dependency
(edit) @26014   7 years piotras Copy pear tgz files to installer sharedir
(edit) @26013   7 years indeyets pack tgz-files inside obs-archive
(edit) @26012   7 years indeyets task for getting dependencies
(edit) @26011   7 years piotras Install pake first, then Appserver package(s)
(edit) @26010   7 years piotras Create new midgard2-mvc-installer package
(edit) @26009   7 years indeyets test for midgard_replicator::serialize_blob()
(edit) @26008   7 years indeyets true if the same config, false if other config
(edit) @26007   7 years indeyets copy string, as later it will be freed, and we do not want to free …
(edit) @26006   7 years piotras Initialize new object when config copy is made. Increase class config …
(edit) @26005   7 years piotras unref config in finalize instead of dispose
(edit) @26004   7 years piotras Do not depend on php5-syck. Instead, suggests it.
(edit) @26003   7 years piotras config_copy: copy private dbtype identifier
(edit) @26002   7 years piotras config_copy doesn't return MidgardConfig?.
(edit) @26001   7 years piotras On creating object, set default empty strings.
(edit) @26000   7 years piotras Initialize reflector using already defined classname.
(edit) @25999   7 years piotras Initialize private structure in instance_init hook. Do not invoke …
(edit) @25998   7 years piotras Enable Ragnaroek/Mjolnir? compatibility.
(edit) @25997   7 years indeyets pake 1.4.1 is released. can reference it directly
(edit) @25996   7 years piotras connection_open_config: "emulate" case when the same config is …
(edit) @25995   7 years piotras view exists method updated for GDA4 storage metadata.
(edit) @25994   7 years piotras Include new files.
(edit) @25993   7 years piotras Added midgard_config_copy. MidgardConnection? implicitly copies …
(edit) @25992   7 years indeyets missed table
(edit) @25991   7 years indeyets use dispatcher
(edit) @25990   7 years indeyets new class-names
(edit) @25989   7 years piotras serialize_blob: throw warning only if type *equality* fails
(edit) @25982   7 years piotras Ignore midgard.h when g-ir-parser is running
(edit) @25981   7 years piotras Removed unused variables and functions
(edit) @25980   7 years piotras Convert PHP double to GValue of G_TYPE_FLOAT type.
(edit) @25978   7 years piotras MidgardAttachment? renamed to midgard_attachment for …
(edit) @25977   7 years piotras Force empty string being set on values of string type which hold NULL …
(edit) @25976   7 years indeyets 1) reorder methods (to group similar) 2) check class of object in …
(edit) @25975   7 years indeyets use better name for var
(edit) @25974   7 years indeyets dumb test for midgard_replicator::export()
(edit) @25973   7 years indeyets forgot to expose tsrmls in one of the headers
(edit) @25972   7 years indeyets forgot to expose tsrmls in one of the headers
(edit) @25971   7 years indeyets removed unneeded casts
(edit) @25969   7 years indeyets manual tsrmls propagation + various micro-optimizations
(edit) @25968   7 years indeyets manually pass MidgardConnection? to CHECK_MGD macro (optimization) + …
(edit) @25967   7 years piotras Provide midgard_reflector_property instead of midgard_reflection_property.
(edit) @25966   7 years piotras Provide proper class GType when registering new python class.
(edit) @25965   7 years piotras Added quota, dbus and replication enabling methods
(edit) @25964   7 years piotras Provide own (as usual...) escaping routine.
(edit) @25963   7 years indeyets mgd_handle() takes explicit TSRMLS var now
(edit) @25962   7 years indeyets use g_object_get instead of g_object_get_property
(edit) @25961   7 years piotras Copied from mjolnir.
(edit) @25956   7 years indeyets explicit test for escaping
(edit) @25955   7 years indeyets support for G_TYPE_DOUBLE
(edit) @25954   7 years indeyets test midgard_config against actual values tests tests_templates
(edit) @25948   7 years piotras midgard_replicator accepts classname instaed of class pointer
(edit) @25947   7 years piotras Added midgard_schema_object_factory. Removed midgard_object_class.
(edit) @25946   7 years piotras Updated midgard_object_purge and delete calls.
(edit) @25945   7 years piotras Added MidgardSchemaObjectTree?, removed tree related methods from …
(edit) @25944   7 years piotras Add MidgardSchemaObjectFactory?
(edit) @25942   7 years indeyets tweaks to be compatible with latest core-api
(edit) @25941   7 years indeyets call private-method, not function itself
(edit) @25937   7 years indeyets remove gettext-requirement, as we do not try to localize anymore
(edit) @25936   7 years piotras Include replication, dbus and quota enabling methods.
(edit) @25934   7 years piotras Satisfy gtk-docs. Correct version number.
(edit) @25933   7 years piotras create_dbobject_record: g_debug instead of g_print in debug mode
(edit) @25932   7 years indeyets remove unused localizations folder
(edit) @25930   7 years indeyets return false on errors, as these functions declare boolean return value
(edit) @25926   7 years piotras Add deprecated and new symbols.
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